Why You Need an eCommerce Chatbot in 2021

7 min readMay 28, 2021

Earlier, many people associated the term “bot” with entertainment, mainly because of the rise in the science fiction genre in the ’80s and ’90s. With time, the bot’s significance and role have changed and emerged as tools that help humans do stuff with ease.

In today’s time, the word “bot” has an entirely different meaning, especially for digital businesses and organizations. Online retailers saw this technology and its potential with a new perspective and improved customer experience on their e-store.

However, with passing the time, businesses learned that if you want to be a strong market player and survive in the highly competitive marketplace, then the deployment of AI in the form of a chatbot on a website, enterprise chatbot, or eCommerce chatbot is necessary.

We are sure that some questions must be coming to your mind, like

Do you need a chatbot?

Why are chatbots so popular?

What value do they bring to online businesses?

Are Chatbots successful?

And many more. So, we’re here to give you answers to all these questions.

So, let’s get started!

The Current State of eCommerce Chatbot

The digital world has expanded vastly, and millions of people are shifting their preferences to online shopping or e-commerce; now is the time when we will try to make you realize the importance of an eCommerce chatbot. But the biggest challenge still lies for the sellers to sell products and services online with utmost precision.

Here, the main challenge is gaining attention, fulfilling growing customer demands, and adapting the new business model. Hence, with rising demand, it has become indispensable to maintain a seamless flow of services 24/7 and offer an impressive user interface on e-stores.

But do you think that you are ready to connect with the next generation of customers?

Catching up with the growing technology and demands is very crucial today in the online marketplace. But many companies have already found the solution and fulfill every possible necessity of customers.

And the solution is an eCommerce chatbot that adds value to E-Commerce websites as a chatbot on a website works as an employee and makes them more productive day by day.

Now the central question arises: why do you need an eCommerce Chatbot? For this, let’s talk numbers!

Let’s see the global trends and list the world’s top 10 largest eCommerce markets.

  • China: $672 billion
  • USA: $340 billion
  • United Kingdom: $99 billion
  • Japan: $79 billion
  • Germany: $73 billion
  • France: $43 billion
  • South Korea: $37 billion
  • Canada: $30 billion
  • Russia: $20 billion
  • Brazil: $19 billion

Suppose you consider leading players’ customer policies and practices- Ali-baba, Amazon, and Flipkart. In that case, you will understand that many customer-centric marketing strategies have been revised to enhance the prospects’ value on their portals and succeed with the changing business environment and adapting new technologies such as chatbots on websites.

People’s Perception of Ecommerce

Initially, people didn’t trust online commerce and used to prefer to buy products offline or from brick and mortar stores. And the most prominent reason behind this is fear of the unknown.

When customers purchase a product from a physical store, they can express their confusion and problems with a real assistant, interacting and guiding them throughout the purchasing process. On the other hand, e-commerce and online stores lack first-hand customer support, which resulted in a lack of trust among customers.

But gradually, eCommerce chatbots came into existence and made people trust online stores, which led them through success in today’s time.

This is a known fact that online giants like Sephora, Amazon, H&M, and Target believed that such moves would help them gain their target audience’s trust and deliver more personalized customer support services.

Traditionally, online stores failed to connect with the customers, making it unmanageable for users to trust and place their orders. However,

E-commerce chatbots for websites can fill this space as they initiate the interaction with the visitors and bridge a two-way communication without any physical intervention. Hence, it is easier for sellers to gain critical customer information and guide them throughout the purchasing process with the help of an e-commerce chatbot for a website.

Why do you Need an AI Chatbot for eCommerce?

If you are looking for something that will help you, in the long run, to evolve, then a chatbot on a website can be your remedy.

AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning-based eCommerce chatbot are set to clear the rusty ways and eliminate the backdrops. With eCommerce chatbots, you can get way more customer engagement at a better rate with impressive retention and conversion rates.

Being in the business for years or getting into a fresh startup, you might be wondering if it is for real or not. Then look around! Automation is the key to enhance user experience and business potential. Today, almost every corner of the eCommerce sector relies on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning via a chatbot on a website to understand their users’ purchasing behavior.

Hence, they extensively invested in building a thriving technology base through bots for eCommerce. This helped them with impressive customer support services and created a successful marketing campaign and pitch production services to the target audience accordingly.

One chatbot for eCommerce for all: the power of a single bot can assist thousands of users at the same time without any problem and can deliver a seamless experience over the website.

Reliable, Fast, and Cost-Effective

The moment a chatbot for eCommerce converse with the users, it remembers every input they provide to offer better and personalized services.

An eCommerce chatbot remains available round the clock, and they respond promptly as a user or ask a question or a query. As discussed above, the sole reason for online stores’ failure was inferiority in customer support services.

Moreover, bots for eCommerce can respond to repetitive questions and automate daily tasks, making things easy for the support staff. The instant support and exclusive two-way communication establish a long-lasting relationship between the users and the brand. The presence of chatbots raises the scope of e-commerce in a brief period.

E-Commerce was functioning with traditional customer engagement methods, which involved high operation costs. But eCommerce chatbots are eliminating the extra cost of hiring and business operations. Hence, a chatbot on a website is one of the cost-effective ways of engaging users.

If the chatbot on the website doesn’t have any specific solution, it will instantly direct the question or query to a live agent for further nurturing. These businesses operate smoothly and quickly and get better in the eyes of the prospects.

The eCommerce Chatbot- a better platform to compare products and services

“Build trust and bond with one on one conversation and succeed with a satisfied customer base.”

Chatbots on the website are the most effective way to convey, educate, engage E-Commerce users in today’s time. E-stores allow users to compare products by setting filters as per their specific needs. But it might not be an easy task with all the information on the screen, and customers can still struggle to find the right product.

However, eCommerce chatbots can guide users and help them understand the fundamental difference between the products and the varieties available. It can also recommend the right set of products by analyzing their needs. The customers can easily command the bot to filter out product range, which helps through the purchasing process and makes them come again.

Educate with the Right Idea with eCommerce Chatbot

The most disappointing part of the digital marketplace is visitors judging the page or the website within a few seconds. Due to this, they don’t spend time understanding what your brand and product scope is.

With bots for eCommerce, you can engage your target audience long enough and educate them with the perfect knowledge about your brand. The eCommerce chatbot on the website will raise a sense of interest in their minds and encourage them to spend precious time at your online store. And you never know, you can get a potential customer!

The process of educating the audience is one of the crucial roles to play. Our eCommerce chatbot is based on AI and offers one-touch and one command access to the FAQ section and presents the information instantly.

As a result, you gain a relevant bunch of leads, which helps you develop a good customer base. Hence it is a Win-Win situation for you and your customers!

Final Thoughts

The E-commerce industry always strives to delight its target audience with a dazzling user experience. So, properly revamp your E-Commerce business and start converting your potential customer into a real one.

If you wonder where and how you can get your hands on this kind of eCommerce chatbot that can make your business more efficient, you must visit “BotPenguin.” They offer a fantastic platform to develop and integrate a chatbot on your website within a few minutes.




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